Paint Removal

Interior and Exterior Paint Removal

When your commercial building is ready for an interior or exterior paint update, contact Ace Painting Services to have the old, existing paint removed. Each team member is highly trained in paint removal process. Prior to paint removal, preparation work begins. Our team strives for perfection and as professionals; our team takes every effort to remain non-invasive to your employees or tenants.

Professional Paint Stripping

Many jobs require old, dingy paint to be stripped off before a fresh coat can be added. This is specific to each project and our paint technicians can easily determined if this must be done for your interior space.

Often times, clients worry their furniture or belongs may be disturbed during the paint stripping process. Ace Painting Services assures you we provide an easy process with minimal disturbance to your every day life. We pride ourselves in being able to complete projects in a timely manner and this includes an extensive project like stripping existing paint from walls.

Exterior Paint Removal

Ace Painting Services ensures each and every job is carefully prepped prior to the beginning. The project is managed to minimize disturbances for your employees or tenants entering their place of business or residency. There is no need to worry about providing cleanup or experiencing messy work spaces with Ace Painting Services.

We take extreme care to prepare each work space prior to any project. Whether it is siding, stucco, metal, brick or concrete, you can expect the following before beginning your exterior painting project:

  • Power wash exteriors to be painted
  • Protect windows and other exterior features
  • Prepare siding, corner boards and trim
  • Prep new wood from repairs with primer
  • Caulk and seal joints
  • Putty all trim work
  • Cover and protect shrubbery and flower beds

Professional Wallpaper Stripping

When hung correctly, wallpaper can compliment any beautifully designed room. After a long period of time, the style of a particular wallpaper may become outdated and it can be difficult to find furniture or design accents to compliment the style of the wallpaper; this is where Ace Painting Services come in.

It can be a very trying and difficult process to remove wallpaper, especially if it has been in place for years. Leave this daunting task to Ace Painting Services. After we have finished stripping the old wallpaper, we will repair and prep the area before we paint the interior to your 100% satisfaction.

Contact Ace Painting Services for your free quote on wallpaper removal or other interior services.